My husband is always throwing things at the TV during games so I bought him the TV Brick™ and he loved it. Thanks TV Brick™.

~ Laura C.

When I lose a bet, there’s nothing better than throwing a Brick™! The best thing about the TV Brick™ is that it won’t damage a thing.

~ H. Smith

My family life revolves around sports, and that’s an understatement. Forget dinner–we bond over our love of the game—any game! That means we share our frustration too. That’s why I bought all five of us TV Bricks™. The fact that we can personalize them with team colors made them great gifts, too!

~ N. Harold

The TV Brick™ gives My Husband the Football Fan a safe way to relieve stress. Football makes him just as angry as it makes him happy. Thanks to the TV Brick™ I don’t have to worry anymore about a remote control flying past my head after Grossman screws up another pass.

~ F. Dorner

Bricks aren’t just for building anymore. When I got my TV Brick™ in the mail, my seven-year-old grandson happened to be there with me. I tricked him into thinking it was a real one and tossed it at him! Gave me a good, hard laugh. Thanks, TV Brick™!

~ O. Roberts