The TV Brick™

A Custom Sports Souvenir

The TV Brick™ is the perfect gift for any sports fan and a fun, safe way to relieve stress on game day!

It works the same during any type of game—football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby—the list goes on and on. If it’s on the tube, you can toss it!

Made from EVA foam:

  • Harmless and safe for kids

  • Soft, flexible and crack resistant

  • Fun to throw!

Trade the fists and fits for foam! Why not buy a whole bunch for your game day get-together? Let your friends bring the typical burgers, wings and beverages, while you make it the game to remember with the TV Brick!™

Have questions our website doesn’t answer? Just send us an email by visiting our contact page, and a TV Brick™ representative will get back to you.